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We realize that often times businesses have HR resources that are constrained or nonexistent.  We bring people management and smart talent strategies to your team and let you focus on running the business, be it in the tech, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, start-up, healthcare, boutique law, government, retail, wellness, service industry or non-profit world. At Leath HR Group, we are passionate about advancing culture in your business to ensure you and your teams are supported to grow. Let us handle HR so you can focus on your business!

Get in touch today and let us change the reputation of HR at your organization by saving you money through increased productivity as a result of process, documentation and engagement.

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Why Leath HR Group?

Award-winning, regional leader in modern people + culture consulting + recruiting. We offer a wide range of talent-focused services and tools, aimed to bring the best HR leadership to business teams. As HR consultants, we help you attract talent, recruit talent, and train your teams. Need an Interim HR Director? Have HR projects you need extra hands-on? Compensation benchmarks, recruiting top talent, rewriting handbooks, we’ve got you covered. Need to find that next team player but struggling to get the right talent in the door? We do that. At Leath HR Group, we are passionate about advancing culture in your business to ensure you and your teams are supported to grow. Let us handle HR so you can focus on your business!

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HR Insights

What’s trending in the workplace? We’ve got it covered. Check out our HR Insights for tips and tricks to better your workplace culture.

Avoid layoffs with Andy Almeter

Avoid Layoffs: Expert Hiring and Selection Advice

As the list of companies announcing layoffs continues to grow, I feel it’s sensible to point out that layoffs are tough business decisions with very high stakes. But how do we go from a market of rapid hiring to mass layoffs? And what can we do about it? Buzzword alert…it comes down to being intentional with your workforce planning. Hiring should be just as …

Shopify News:

NEWS: “Just say no to meetings” – HR experts weigh in

Shopify, an e-commerce company based in Canada, just released they are encouraging employees to “Just say no to meetings in 2023”. At first glance, this may sound like a workplace dream but we’re here to give an HR expert opinion on this. We’ve all been in those meetings where you’ve thought to yourself “this could’ve been an email”. There’s also …

Improving the Candidate Experience

Improving the Candidate Experience

Did you know, according to the Department of Labor Bureau, there are 10.5 million jobs open right now? What does that mean for the labor market? It means there are two job openings for every person looking for a job, otherwise known as a “candidate’s market”. Business leaders, you need to stand out from the competition. Attracting top talent for …

How to Avoid A Nightmare Holiday Party

How to Avoid A Nightmare Holiday Party

“Have fun but not TOO much fun,” said my mother 1,000 times in my life. It’s a great quote for anyone hosting or attending a company-sponsored holiday party this season. There are lots of reasons to throw an end-of-year party: you want to show employees you appreciate them, you want folks to let loose and enjoy each other and it’s …

We are passionate about employee engagement and a thriving culture.

With the help from our HR tech, WorkTok, you can increase employee retention, productivity, and team satisfaction by regularly checking-in with your folks.

WorkTok is simple and effective HR technology that reminds us to check-in with every employee on a regular basis. WorkTok is an all-in-one solution that can be downloaded to any mobile device. Drive two-way feedback between a supervisor and employee to build trust and rapport and to give employees a voice before they quit, so you, the supervisor can ultimately retain them. Save turnover costs by nurturing your workplace culture with WorkTok.

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