We realize that often times businesses have HR resources that are constrained or non-existent.  We bring HR leadership to your team and let you focus on running the business, be it in the tech, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, start-up, healthcare, boutique law, government, retail, wellness, service industry or non-profit world.

Get in touch today and let us change the reputation of HR at your organization by saving you money through increased productivity as a result of process, documentation and engagement.

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Have you heard about Leath HR's very own HR Technology, WorkTok?

Increase employee retention, productivity, and team satisfaction by regularly checking-in with your folks.

WorkTok is simple and effective HR technology that reminds us to check-in with every employee on a regular basis. WorkTok is an all-in-one solution that can be downloaded to any mobile device. Instead of missing 1:1s with busy employees, conduct quick, scheduled two-way communications in the app.

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