Attract the “Fitting” Talent: Crafting Effective Job Descriptions for 2023

News flash! Lengthy, boring job descriptions are OUT, and persona-fit job descriptions are IN. When done right, job descriptions do more than just communicate an opening at your company, they give a glimpse into the culture, and the value proposition and they can ultimately help you attract the right person for the job. Oftentimes we are quick to add a bunch of keywords to the job description but it’s important to note, these descriptions are hard for applicants to read and understand and they also attract job seekers who are mass-applying to jobs rather than the right fit for your business.  Quarter 1 planning is upon us, as you are reviewing the roles you will be hiring for next year, consider these tips to help you be as effective as possible when it comes to attracting “fitting” talent in 2023.

Job description

Things to leave behind when you are writing your next job description:

  1. Long paragraphs about the company. Share what is most important: your culture, the employee experience, and your core values. Try to stick to bullet points.
  2. Ditch the boring subheaders – For example, “Job Duties” vs “Play your part in our team succeeding”.  It feels different!
  3. Vague language describing daily duties. Potential new hires do not want to guess what their role will be like. Are there any specific projects they will be working on that you can add?
  4. Hard-to-understand jargon. If your open roles do not require industry-specific terminology, it’s important to be concise and avoid jargon altogether. On the flip side, a lot of jobs have their own internal language or certifications. For example, if you were to write a job description for a software developer, you’d want to include language specific to that field such as programming languages like Javascript.

Now that you have an idea of what to leave out, let’s talk about some of the must-haves in your job descriptions.

  1. What makes you different? Think about your Employee Value Proposition.  Do you have eye-catching benefits that allow you to stand out from other businesses? Ex: Do you have a Dog-Friendly office?  Mention this above the other basic benefits (Dental, Health, etc.).
  2. What TYPE of person are you looking for? List characteristics instead of just experience. Describe the person who would be a great fit. ”Great conversationalist” vs. “x years in a sales role”. Think about the skills needed to do the jobs vs what can be taught.
  3. A salary range. Candidates love transparency and want to have an idea of what they would be getting paid before applying.  Ranges are fine, just give a number.
  4. Replace ‘the ideal candidate’ with ‘you’. Continue your human-centric strategies in your job descriptions. You are marketing to find the right person, not a number or resource. Addressing candidates directly will help them visualize working with you.
  5. Call to action. What is needed from the candidate? How can they apply? If possible, be personable and give them an idea of the process and timeline.


Try a couple of these tips next time you do some hiring and let us know if you saw a difference in applicants. It’s all about showcasing your business, your culture, and the work is done for you. Attracting a good fit is easier than you think – just keep the ‘human’ in Human Resources.

At Leath HR Group, we help businesses across industries from manufacturing, fintech, healthcare, and academia.  We help them develop cutting-edge people strategies that ultimately attract and retain the talent they need for growth and success. With over 5 years of business, decades of experience under our belts, and numerous awards, we are confident our team at Leath HR Group can help you with your people processes!

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