New Senior HR Consultants Join Leath HR Group

New hires, senior HR consultants

Introducing Our New Senior HR Consultants: Michael Christman, MBA, SHRM-SCP and Steph Lancaster, MBA We’re excited to introduce two outstanding additions to our team of Senior HR Consultants, Michael Christman, MBA, SHRM-SCP, and Steph Lancaster, MBA. With their extensive background in Human Resources and their passion for driving organizational growth and transformation, they are poised […]

Risks of Operating Without a Dedicated HR Function, Part 2

HR Function

Welcome back to the second part of our series on the importance of human resources (HR) for small to mid-size businesses. In Part I, we delved into the financial risks that arise from not having a dedicated HR function. Now, we shift our focus towards the cultural risks that emerge when HR is neglected within organizations […]

Top Three Areas Consuming Business Owners’ Time

Top Three Areas Consuming Business Owners’ Time

When envisioning your business, it’s unlikely that HR-related tasks were top-of-mind. Nor did you think of the top three tasks that would consume to your time. Dealing with hiring, compliance, employee paperwork, and overall people processes is not exactly an enticing prospect, right? As a business owner or leader, your primary focus is on driving […]

Sexual Harassment Prevention with SUNY Corning

This course is designed to comply with all NYS Sexual Harassment policies. We will review and discuss all aspects of sexual harassment including what constitutes sexual harassment, how to prevent it, examples of sexual harassment, and what an employee’s rights and responsibilities are if they experience an incident – including how to file a complaint. […]

Have You Considered Outsourcing Human Resources?

Outsourced HR consultant

What is it? Outsourced Human Resources (HR), also known as “Fractional HR”, is a model of consulting where an organization hires an outside firm to either act as their HR department or enhance their existing HR team.  HR consultants offer a range of industry expertise from recruiting and retainment, benefits administration, performance management, compensation analyses, employee […]

The CFO’s HR Rollercoaster

CFO's HR Nightmare, stressed CFO

Ah, the life of a CFO… They manage financial operations, financial planning, analysis, reporting and strategy, they make critical decisions that limit financial risk and ensure the overall success of the business. But wait, what’s with all these people problems? Cue the eyeroll and collective groan from all CFOs out there. Cue the CFO’s HR […]

8 Low-Cost Benefits Employees Love

Low-cost benefits for employees

If you are juggling between keeping business costs down while making sure you have competing benefits to retain employees in this tight labor market, we see you. Many business owners are in the same boat. Staying competitive doesn’t have to mean higher costs. It pushes us to be creative and intentional when it comes to […]

HR Thought Leadership

HR Thought leadership on HR Tech

Leath HR Group featured in WILMA Magazine | November 7th, 2022 HR Thought Leadership: From an HR pro herself, Lisa Leath, our Founder, shares how we came to be in 2015. Leath HR Group was created to help provide people strategy support to small and mid-sized businesses that are looking to grow. Since July 2022, […]

HR and Cybersecurity – Keep The Conversations Going

As Cybersecurity Awareness Month comes to an end, that doesn’t mean the conversation has to. Cybersecurity should remain an ongoing conversation for all people leaders, especially for those in the growing digital working world. Not only do cyberattacks pose a risk to your people, but they also pose an enormous risk to your business and […]