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Four Local Companies Team up to Help Beat Cybersecurity Nightmares with WorkTok, An Employee Engagement App

HR and Cybersecurity – Protect your employees and business!

Wilmington, NC. You may be asking: “What’s all this Cyber Tok about?” Recognizing many companies lose thousands of dollars to cyberattacks every year, four local companies team up to increase cyber vigilance across businesses and their teams. 


WorkTok, Atlantic Computer Services, Leath HR Group, and PS Solutions have combined their expertise to not only help spread awareness of cyber security but also educate employees and ensure businesses are equipped with the best resources in place. HR and cybersecurity go hand-in-hand as the digital working world continues to grow. At the forefront of this combined effort is WorkTok, a mobile app for manager and employee check-ins; developed by the custom software team at PS Solutions in 2020. This easy-to-use mobile app has helped many managers keep a pulse on how their employees are doing and what resources they need.


“Hopefully, what we’ve put together will help raise awareness of the risks and provide training to employees. Like everything else if you don’t train or practice, you just won’t be as good as you need to be when it comes to stopping the threat.” -Wayne Hippo, Managing Partner of PS Solutions


WorkTok now has 17 various HR-approved templates ready for managers to send out to their teams in five minutes or less. These templates cover all grounds of HR; from employee retention to the newest addition, cybersecurity education.  Atlantic Computer Services (ACS) has recently partnered to develop a Cyber Tok, which focuses on asking employees if they are aware of phishing emails, cyber comfortability, and more. These efforts will help businesses get in front of any possible cyber attacks with the right resources and training. 

“Improving employee cyber awareness is an important part of any cyber security plan.  No matter the size of the business, employees pose a risk and providing cyber security training should be a priority for owners and managers.  Kudos to WorkTok for pulling IT into their HR platform.” -Robbie Garner, CEO of Atlantic Computer Services 


In addition, cyber attacks are a huge #HRNightmare for many industries and oftentimes happen due to a lack of awareness of cyber threats. Healthcare and Real-Estate industries hold a high risk of cyber-attacks according to CEO of ACS, Robbie Garner.  Robbie joined the Leath HR Group team on their podcast, HR Nightmares, to celebrate Cybersecurity Awareness month in October. Watch on YouTube or tune in on your favorite podcast platform on October 5th to hear more about Cybersecurity nightmares and how to prevent them in the workplace!


“Training your employees is the single best way to ensure they don’t make costly mistakes, like buying $20,000 in gift cards on the company credit card or giving away social security numbers because the fake CEO asked for them over email. WorkTok can help identify who needs training by asking pointed questions about cyber security awareness. It’s too affordable to not try!” -Lisa Leath, Co-Founder of WorkTok


Lastly, with this partnership, WorkTok will help managers and business owners identify trainings to offer, needs to address, and help fight against cyber scares.  Atlantic Computer Services offers employee and management training to help ensure your teams feel more confident about the risks that come with the digital world.

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