Professional Development Training with Leath HR Group

Professional Development – Helping your people develop, thrive, and cultivate deep relationships for a growing business.

Your company culture is unique and so are our team’s training strategies. Our HR experts customize development training sessions to fit the needs of your employees, supervisors, managers, and executive leadership teams. If you have a topic you do not see below, reach out we have the ability to design a new session for you!

All development trainings can be facilitated in person or virtually.

1-Hour, Half-day, Full-day

Small Business • Corporate Training • Lunch-N-Learns • Private Sessions • Public Workshops

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Team Building

  • Building trust and shifting to a more collaborative culture
  • Improve ability to provide feedback to one another
  • Improving problem-solving and decision-making skills

Sexual Harassment Prevention

  • Catered to state legislation
  • Customized for employees, managers, and board members
  • What is sexual harassment
  • How to document sexual misconduct
  • Employees’ rights and responsibilities
  • How to prevent sexual misconduct

DiSC Training

  • Promote increased team communication
  • Facilitate DiSC questionnaire
  • HR expert to coach results with employees and leaders

Motivate and Engage Employees

  • What keeps your employees motivated?
  • Tips and tricks to cater to your employees’ needs

Effective Interviewing Techniques 

  • The importance of the candidate experience, including respecting candidates’ time
  • The types of questions to ask, such as open-ended and behavioral-based questions
  • What should and shouldn’t be asked during the interview process

Other Customized Trainings:

Supervising Supervisors

Staff to Supervisor: Transition after Promotion 

Dealing with Difficult Employees 

Addressing Sensitive Issues with Employees

Effective Interviewing Techniques

HR Six-Part Mini-Series 

  • Managing Employee Conflict
  • Leading Virtual Teams
  • Managing Employee Burnout
  • Leading Across Cultures & Generations
  •  Effective Delegation Skills
  • Balancing Priorities: How to Successfully Manage Tasks, Deadlines, and Expectations

Difficult Conversations in the Workplace 

  • Learn new strategies for handling difficult conversations effectively
  • Know how to structure to nip it in the bud respectfully and effectively
  • Sensitivity training and working through contentious issues

Win the Talent War 

  • How to attract the perfect talent
  • Strategies to make your recruiting process more efficient

Employer Branding

  • Discover your Employer’s Value Proposition (EVP)
  • Ways to showcase your culture digitally on a budget
  • Unlock the social media advantages for your company

Employee Workplace Investigations 

  • Hostile Work Environment
  • Harassment
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Discrimination (sex, age, race, pregnancy)
  • Code of Conduct Violations

Other Customized Trainings:

Marketing for Recruiting Talent

Managing Employees

Handling Accommodations 

EEO Trainings

HR Management and Planning Strategies